Nature Reserve "Mönchbruch"

Discussion in 'Nature' started by drocco, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. drocco

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    In this thread I will post pictures I made in "Mönchbruch", which is the second largest nature reserve in the state of Hesse in Germany. This nature reserve is right next to the Rhein-Main Airport, so it is quite loud there.

    The picture below is not a creek or river, just a wet meadow after quiet a lot of rain.

    #1 Not the Rhein by Oliver Stör, auf Flickr
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  2. drocco

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    A foggy day in last autumn. I was surprised that this picture got explored on flickr. I didn't think it was that impressive. Maybe it captured the mood quite well.

    #2 Foggy Autumn by Oliver Stör, auf Flickr
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  3. drocco

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    Nov 25, 2012
    #7 my favourite so far
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    Jan 26, 2013
    Porto, Portugal
    José Saraiva
    I'm currently waiting for a flight at Frankfurt airport, wouldn't imagine that it is surrounded by such beautiful scenery.

    Nice images!

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  8. drocco

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    Thanks. You fly right above it when your plane takes off on the 18 West.
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  9. drocco

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    Here is one of the first I took with my new Pana 100-400 lens. Fox and stork eying each other very carefully.

    Fox and Stork
    by Oliver Stör, auf Flickr
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  10. drocco

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    Thanks. This one was featured in a local TV show last year, when they talked about "winter birds".
  11. drocco

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    From down below it looks like this:
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