Namibian Children

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    I'm driving across Namibia with my son. We started in Windhoek on Monday and drove to Sesriem, where we camped for two nights. Then we drove North to Swakopmund and spent a cold night camping by the misty south atlantic beach. Today we drove 600km from Swakopmund to Vingerklip Lodge. Along the way, we met these children on the side of the road playing in the hot midday sun. We gave them apples and water for these wonderful photos.

    P4280332_02. P4230109_01. P4280246_03. P4280344_01. P4230099_01. P4230161. P4230166.
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    May 29, 2015
    i like 109 and 166 the best.

    well done.
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    Good stuff, I like this type of photography
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    May 20, 2015
    What did you shoot with?
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    Awesome photos!
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    Great stuff.
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    I took these photos with the E-M1, 12-40, and O60. Natural light. Processed in Darktable.
  8. Wow! So awesome. Saved the last one for my desktop. I wish I had half of the talent you do. And thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks everyone. These kids were a joy to meet. They were so sweet and charming and interested. I really love Namibia and look forward to doing more streetside portrait photography when I travel. You get a wonderful connection to people that makes travel even more rewarding.
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    One can see you got a real connection with the kids. Great shots!