My Trip to Boston (image heavy)

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    May 1, 2012
    Way up there.
    So last summer I went on a trip to Boston just after acquiring the PL 25. It was the only lens i used on the whole trip. Here are the best photos from the trip.

    Old South Meeting House:
    <a href="[email protected]/13274677434/" title="Old South Meeting House by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274677434_5fec229a73_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Old South Meeting House"></a>
    Custom House Tower (was going to crop but something about the picture made me leave it as is)
    <a href="[email protected]/13275179304/" title="Custom House Tower by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13275179304_d36046459b_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Custom House Tower"></a>
    One Boston Place
    <a href="[email protected]/13274820775/" title="One Boston Place by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274820775_61f39c90bc_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="One Boston Place"></a>
    Old State House
    <a href="[email protected]/13274936033/" title="Old State House by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274936033_e4aa89b002_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Old State House"></a>
    Faneuil Hall
    <a href="[email protected]/13275088324/" title="Faneuil Hall by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13275088324_bbd89bba56_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Faneuil Hall"></a>
    The Memorial Garden (very interesting)
    <a href="[email protected]/13274866843/" title="Boston Memorial Garden by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274866843_c39215dc23_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Boston Memorial Garden"></a>
    Old North Church Interior (very nice church in the old area of Boston
    <a href="[email protected]/13274683985/" title="Old North Church by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274683985_5faf7c068a_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Old North Church"></a>
    The mast of the USS Constitution
    <a href="[email protected]/13274985264/" title="USS Constitution by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274985264_54c879dd3b_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="USS Constitution"></a>
    Carbonara Pasta I had at an amazing restaurant in Boston called "D'Amelio's Off the Boat Italian & Seafood Restaurant"
    Here is a trip advisor link for anyone interested:
    <a href="[email protected]/13274755113/" title="Carbonara by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274755113_bbe42b14ee_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Carbonara"></a>
    American Flag at the JFK Museum and Library
    <a href="[email protected]/13274915144/" title="American Flag by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274915144_87b9995e8a_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="American Flag"></a>
    Here is a few from Fenway Park
    <a href="[email protected]/13274872304/" title="Fenway Park by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274872304_0088f991c4_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Fenway Park"></a>
    <a href="[email protected]/13274500145/" title="Fenway Park by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274500145_a16cb3f6ab_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Fenway Park"></a>
    <a href="[email protected]/13274449485/" title="Fenway Park by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274449485_18c802bf1d_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Fenway Park"></a>
    <a href="[email protected]/13274748814/" title="Fenway Park by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274748814_a944842f8b_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Fenway Park"></a>
    And here is the skyline of Boston from Fenway Park:
    <a href="[email protected]/13274376045/" title="Boston Skyline by colbycheese123, on Flickr"> 13274376045_8ab340d419_b.jpg "1024" height="769" alt="Boston Skyline"></a>

    And that's all. Thanks for viewing my pictures. Feel free to tell what you think about them
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    Feb 25, 2014
    Massachusetts, USA
    I walk by the Old State House every day on my way to work. One of these days I'm going to see my self in someone's vacation pictures.

    I think the USS Constitution is one of the most difficult objects to adequately capture in pictures. You can either show the details of a small part - like your nice shot of one mast, or get the whole thing from a distance - which misses the details and scale. It really needs to be seen in person.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Nov 25, 2012
    I like the shot of the chairs with the single red chair.
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    May 1, 2012
    Way up there.
  5. I love Boston. A beautiful city both by DAY and by NIGHT.