My thoughts: Panny G5 v/ Nikon D5000

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    Mar 13, 2013
    Got a change to play around with a new to me G5 yesterday and compare it to my "small carry everywhere" SLR body, the D5000. My D5000 walkaround kit consists of the D5000 and 18-105VR Nikkor lens.

    From a handling perspective they are both very similar. The D5000 is a compromise body and doesn't have a full set of controls like the D300, but it still handles pretty well. The G5 compared to the D5000 is much more programmable and I was able to lay it out more effectively than my D5000. The programmable fn buttons and the extra lever on the front really gives the G5 and advantage over the D5000.

    For focus speed and accuracy the nod again goes to the G5. Even in low light where the D5000 was hunting the G5 was snapping to focus quickly and accurately. As to be expected the only time the D5000 bested the G5 was when I was trying to track my kid running around outside.

    For image quality I think the G5 compares very favorably to the D5000. The extra pixels help, 16mp v. 12mp. High ISO performance is very similar. The G5 also tends to do much better in incandescent light where the D5000 tends to oversaturate. ISO3200 samples from the G5 and D5000. Focus points were a little different as I was able to focus on the nose with the G5 and the D5000 was hunting. So I had to focus on the eye with the D5000 to get a lock. That's why the chair rail is in focus with the D5000 and OOF with the G5.



    As a platform for my old manual focus Nikon glass the G5 does a great job. I love the EVF and the way Panasonic handles the MF assist switching back to the full view with shutter press. But I still think my old PEN was a better platform for my old MF glass for the IBS alone. I had to step up the ISO quite a bit to get clean shots compared to my old PEN.

    G5 + 55/3.5 Micro Nikkor




    I will probably carry the G5 95% of the time. D5000 will go into retirement. The only time I will need my dSLR will be when I use the D300 with the 70-300VR for sports/action stuff and when I need to do flash photography (Only because I have Nikon flashes but haven't invested in any flashes for mu43 yet).
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    Wow that Nikon shot looks way over saturated, and the Panny shot looks a little too desaturated. Something in the middle would be best, but that's nothing one can't do in post.

    The G5 is a wonderful cam and can hold it's own, although comparing it to the 5100 or 5200 might be more fair?
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    May 4, 2011
    D5000 is quite old in terms of DSLRs as it was announced in 2009. It has since then been replaced by the D5100 and now the D5200.