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    Jan 21, 2013
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    I recently went on a road trip starting from Grand Canyon => Sedona => Sequoia => King's Canyon => Yosemite => San Francisco => Big Sur => Home.

    It was a pretty interesting trip and I have to admit, I feel like I've leveled up a bit in my Photography skills (went from a level 7 to maybe a solid 12 now). The trip really helped to let me figure out what types of photography I really enjoy and which I don't enjoy as much.

    I'm going to split my travel pics with what I would consider street photography.

    The link to the travel photography section is: mu-43: Travel Pics

    My thoughts and feelings on street photography:
    1. I love it.
    2. Scary as heck. Keeps my heart pounding.
    3. I used the 50mm equiv lenses for most of my past street photography. I wanted to experiment with a longer lens. Most of these were shot with the Oly 45mm.
    4. I placed priority on trying to get the scene above getting critical focus.

    My thoughts on the 45mm for street photography:
    1. A good lens to use if you really want to do street photography but you're too scared to do it with a shorter lens. It'll help you get used to going for candid shots. I probably won't use anything longer than the 45mm though.
    2. This lens is a performer. Don't regret this purchase one bit. Wish it came in black though...

    PS. I also have some pictures up on my Instagram @AbePak if you want to look at just phone pics.

    Now for the pictures:
    P4150918 by AbesEyes, on Flickr

    P4160944 by AbesEyes, on Flickr

    P4160993-Edit by AbesEyes, on Flickr

    P4201210 by AbesEyes, on Flickr

    P4211260 by AbesEyes, on Flickr

    P4231413 by AbesEyes, on Flickr

    P4231442 by AbesEyes, on Flickr

    P4231446 by AbesEyes, on Flickr

    More pics here: flickr: AbePak's Street Photography
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