My new Nissin Di466FT

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    I received this flash couple of day ago and have been playing with on my em-5 and epl-2. So far it works just great on both. I was looking at the Metz 24 AF-1 also but went for the Nissan for better recycle and longer use. I will be using it this weekend at a small wedding both indoors and out so we shall see how it works. The only drawback to it that I can find so far is the noise it makes on startup. Only lasts about 2 seconds but has the sound of grinding gears. From what I have read this is normal. It has TTL, slave and manual controls. All work perfect. First photo below is without flash, second one is with flash. Both using my em-5. This are JPG's right out of the camera. Last photo just gives an idea of how it looks on the camera, taken with my epl-2.



    P8060001.JPG P8060002.JPG
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