My new "macro" lens: Jupiter-12 35mm f2.8

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    A couple of months ago, I bought a few lenses from a guy more afflicted with Lens Lust than I am. One of those lenses, a Jupiter-12, posed quite a challenge: how in heck do you mount the thing, with a rear element that sticks out a whole inch beyond its flange? It seemed that most Jupiter-12's I saw on various sites had either a Leica screw mount or a Contax mount. I bought a Contax C/Y adapter from RainbowImaging (dot-biz). No good.

    Tempted to just sell the frustrating thing, but I couldn't let go. Finally, I read something that hinted at a Nikon S type mount. Bought an adapter. It fit. Uh-oh ... not deep enough to get that rear element into a safe location. Ah ha! Macro adapters! I selected the shallowest ring in the set, and that did the trick. (Over-did it actually. I'd like the rear element flush with the flange, but it's appx 10 cm inside.)

    It focuses at about 4 - 5 inches beyond the lens - that's all. I like what I see, though. It may not be the best macro lens going, and maybe this lens would be more usable if I could get back that 10cm, but having invested time and money and skull-sweat into this thing, I'm gonna keep it. Besides, it looks cool.

    Here are some pictures, of it, and with it. I used a Vivitar adapted lens at f8 to image the lens, and the adapted lens at f16 for the macro shots. All on my kitchen table "studio" in good morning light.
    Jupiter-12 front view - notice the deep well. Aperture setting inside this.
    Jupiter-12 side view - Unusual rear element, appx 25cm protrusion.
    Adapting Jupiter-12 - The Nikon S adapter, all by itself, still lets the rear element hang out. I used the shortest macro adapters to build it up. This shows the pieces.
    Shows the entire build-up. However, the rear element is now appx 10cm behind the flange.
    A UK bank note. DOF is ultra-shallow. Distance from lens is appx 4" (100cm). Need to move the camera or the subject to focus, then use focus ring to fine tune.
    Canadian $2 coin, up close
    Euro coin, up close
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