My Konica SLR goes to rural cemetary

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    Okay, so I debated the sensationalist topic. Taking photos in a graveyard sort of feels like an invasion of privacy, and it certainly could be one, but I found the setting and "mood" of this particular place to be so extraordinary that it warranted special consideration.

    My wife and I got restless this past weekend, and decided to explore some of the nearby locations in the southern Oregon Coast that we hadn't seen. There's a small community in the ocean dunes recreational area that has aspirations of townhood that I guess to date from the early 20th century. One small turnout opened up to a dirt road with a sign indicating a cemetary, so we decided to poke around just a little bit. 0391173-R3-004-0A.jpg










    It turned out to be worth our while. The graveyard was more of a network of pathways through thick scrub than anything else, which gave the whole place a very surreal feel, almost like a maze, punctuated by heavily weathered, sun and rain bleached grave markers. The only thing that gave the place any semblance of order were the white concrete posts making a border, more or less, around the perimeter.

    I tried to capture the atmosphere of the place, which was very lonely and unkempt. The camera I happened to have was my Konica FS-1, the lens is the excellent 50mm f1.4, the film was Fuji superia 400.
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    Excellent photos, thank you