My first trip with M43 (Istanbul)

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  1. Hypilein

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Coming back from my first trip with my GX7 I had a few thoughts which I would like to lay out here. Before ultimately deciding on a three prime kit with the 20mm (which was set as a kit option with the GX7), the Sigma 60mm and the Olympus 9mm Bodycap I was slightly unsure whether I would get used to the primes quickly enough as my only camera before this was the Panasonic FZ100 (12-600mm equiv zoom). I considered one of the cheap telezooms instead of the Sigma but I am very glad to have taken the faster prime considering most of my shooting was indoor.
    Istanbul 2015 Best-2.
    Sigma 60mm 125/s, f2.8, ISO 1600 Hagia Sophia

    This Image would have been quite tricky to do with the kit zoom but probably possible. Others I took would have probably needed too high an ISO.

    Overall I was quite surprised by how little I missed the ability to zoom. Only on the Bosphorus Boat Ride where zooming with your feet was impossible would I have liked a telezoom. In total I made 862 Photos. About 500 with the 20mm, 200 with the 60 and 150 with the 9mm Bodycap. When I selected the best 100 images (the best, not necessarily good) this ratio was kept for the most part with 55 (20mm), 26 (60mm) and 23 (9mm) pictures.

    However, out of the very best images from this trip (this time reduced to 13 images) 8 were taken with the 9mm Bodycap. This lens is truly a gem. Of course it has quite a few limitations. It is constant f8 which makes pushing the ISO up pretty much a must in most indoor scenes. You cannot ever crop anything, especially not from the borders. But, it is also sharp enough in the center and provides such an interesting perspective that a lot of Photos just get that extra interest that pushes them past the bulk of really average photos that I take. I only picked up the 9mm a week before the trip thinking, that 20mm would not be wide enough for a lot of the churches, mosques and palaces that I would be visiting and for 80€ I could not have made a better choice. Here are some more pictures taken on the trip. Do not hesitate to critique as I am here to learn.

    Istanbul 2015 Best-13.
    Olympus 9mm Bodycap, 15/s, ISO 6400, f8 German Fountain

    Istanbul 2015 Best-1.
    Olympus 9mm Bodycap 40/s, ISO 3200, f8 Chandelier in the Hagia Sophia

    Istanbul 2015 Best-6.
    Olympus 9mm Bodycap 125/s, ISO 1250, f8, Topkapi Palace Harem

    Istanbul 2015 Best-10.
    Olympus 9mm Bodycap 125/s, ISO 320, f8, Ortaköy Mosque Chandelier

    Olympus 9mm Bodycap 125/s, ISO 250, f8, Ortaköy Mosque Istanbul 2015 Best-11.

    One more thing that the 9mm Bodycap makes possible is sneaky shooting in places where shooting is not allowed. Although I never use flash when flash isn't allowed in museums (as there is a good reason for it) I find disallowing all Photography quite annoying and always try to sneak some shots in. With the electronic shutter and a lens with an angle of view wide enough that you just need to aim in the general direction and hold the camera horizontal you can be pretty sneaky. This is what I got from the Imperial Palace of Dolmabahçe:
    Istanbul 2015 Best-8.
    Olympus 9mm Bodycap 50/s, ISO 3200, f8

    Finally there were some good images taken with the 20mm aswell.

    Istanbul 2015 Best-12.
    Panasonic 20mm, 160/s, f8, ISO 200, Küçüksu Palace

    Istanbul 2015 Best-3.
    Panasonic 20mm, 1.6sec, f1.7, ISO 800, Yerebatan Basilica Cistern
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  2. hazwing

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Turkey and Istanbul are great places to visit! I like the perspectives you achieved with the body cap lens.

    Personally, I prefer travelling with zooms.
  3. My favouite city, thanks for sharing. I've used primes for travelling before but it usually meant that I had two cameras out at once, so I've gone back to primarily a zoom lens.
  4. Hypilein

    Hypilein Mu-43 All-Pro

    Mar 18, 2015
    Yes, I could easily see myself having the 20mm on another camera if I could afford one (the GM1 probably). But I really never felt that I had to rush and my (usually very im)patient Girlfriend never complained about the frequent swapping of lenses. I would not want to carry more than 3 primes though.
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