my first experience with legacy glass :)

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    my husband used to shoot film, but for years now his cameras (all canons) and lenses have lay unused in a drawer. then recently i started reading more posts on this forum, and i also starting wanting some faster lenses than i currently own. so after reading some reviews, i picked up a couple adapters off amazon - one for my canon 50mm 1/8 and the other an FD adapter for my husband's old lenses.

    not really sure what i was expecting. not much, though, as everyone says that the adapters will impact on quality. well, i hooked up the FG to micro 4/3 adapter to my husband's 50mm 1.8 (which was a bit fiddly), set my gf1 to shoot without lens and got a couple dark pics. turned out that the aperture had been at 3.6, so arie put it on the camera and opened it up. then i put it back and things improved a lot. but not as much as when i put on his old 50mm 1.4. wow!

    not only did that 1.4 aperture give me exactly what i was seeing in the room, but it was actually quite sharp. the pics - all shot in medium dim room light - came out great, although i had to either raise the ISO or slow the shutter speed to shoot handheld. still, i'm a happy camper with a drawer full of lenses to play with :)

    thanks to this entire section of the forum!
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    Let's see the photos :)