My dilema... which bag for my Olympus kit??


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Apr 5, 2014
High Level, Alberta, Canada
I am on the hunt for a bag for my Olympus kit, which consists of:

Olympus OM-D E-M5
Olympus HLD-6 Battery Grip
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f/1.8 Lens
Olympus M. Zukio Digital ED 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 Lens
(and most likely the Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 II Lens in the near future)

I've had this kt for less than a year, moving from the Canon 5Dm3 and a selection of lenses and so far I love the mu43! I have tried a large selection of backpacks, should bags, and sling bags and none of them ever seem like "the right fit" to me. So, now I'm considering going full photography geek and getting a waist pack/bag instead. Anyone have any suggestions based on my gear? I realize I wouldn't have to take every lens with me all of the time, but a part of the reason I switched to mu43 was because of the small size, lighter weight, and portability. I want to be able to have all of my lenses at my finger tips wherever I may be.

The Clik Elite Sprint looks good, and I like the idea of the largest pouch being at the back, and 2 smaller pouches on your side.

Another one I like the idea of is the Thinktank Hubba Hubba Hiney and Lens Changer 25. Any idea if I could fit my 12-35mm and 60mm lenses in the Lens Changer 25 if they were laying on their sides?

I've also considered buying a non-photography hip pack and putting my lenses and camera into draw string pouches.

Any suggestions?


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Apr 15, 2011
IMO the two best bags for an E-M5 are the Retrospective 5, and Billingham Hadly (non pro). The center section fits an E-M5+HLD6+prime mounted, and two reasonable sized lenses go in the side compartments. They scream quality, and are so well thought out, that they won't get in your way while taking pictures, changing lenses or whatever.


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Apr 22, 2013
New Jersey
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I use the HHH often for my EM1 w/RRS L-plate + three lens kit. I can mount the 12-35 or 40-150 and place the camera in the center section, then put two more lenses, one on either side. So my 3-zoom kit: 9-18, 12-35, 40-150 - works fine. Room for extra batteries, cards, etc. in the zippered pocket. If you stack, small primes like the 17/1.8 or 45/1.8 can go two in a slot.

i almost always use it on the shoulder strap.


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Feb 26, 2014
The wife and I just left DSLR land with our 5D3s and 7Ds and tons of L glass. For m43 we have Tenba Large Messenger bags. They provide us the room we will need for 4 lenses, two E-M1 bodies, 15" Macbook, chargers, batteries...etc. It is a real joy to have one shoulder bag.....compared to a Lowepro pro roller 200 with over 40 pounds of equipment. The wife could not pick up her pro roller and put it in an overhead bin on a plane. Can't wait for the rest of the Pro lenses to be released.


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Nov 2, 2013
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I had a Timbuk2 snoop for one day which I've returned unused. Simply too small for my needs; just to get in some of my kit required a shoe horn!
Bought a pro messenger 200AW, it swallows the lot - it is heavy though!
i conclude: there's no perfect bag on planet earth, not one that I've found anyway. The solution for me was to go 'big', meaning I've more or less reached limit conditions.

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