My Adapted m4/3s Lenses on Smaller Sensor?


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Feb 20, 2013
My friend has a FF Nikon 300/2.8. Not bad, but about 5x the size of my 200/4 which, on m4/3s, is a 400mm. He said he wants to buy a Nikon APS-size DSLR body so that his 300mm will be about a 500/2.8. I told him to buy a Pentax Q and it would be around a 1200mm!

Then I thought about it, what if *I* bought a Pentax Q? The new Q7 has a 1/1.7" sensor but I'd just get the old one with the smaller 1/2.3". I've seen them go for $100 in good condition. The crop factor is 5.6x, so with my lenses, this is what I'd get:

  • Vivitar 28/2 = 156/2
  • Pentax 40/1.8 = 224/1.8
  • Konica 57/1.4 = 319/1.4
  • Vivitar 135/2.8 = 756/2.8
  • Konica 200/4 = 1120/4

This would be THE set up for wildlife photography. $100 for a used Q, tripod, and probably $20 for an adapter. Here's what a Pentax nifty fifty would look like on it. Anyone try a Q with adapted lenses? Electronic shutter but I guess it does fine with stagnant subjects.

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