My 40-150 Pro won't AF

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by wolfie, Jan 12, 2018 at 4:54 AM.

  1. wolfie

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Was in back garden taking photos as normal with the 40-150 Pro & MC14 on a E-M5 (MkI)when it suddenly just wouldn't auto focus. It was a bright sunny day, camera on neck strap, never knocked or dropped.
    Turned camera on /off - no AF square would come up. Was able to manual focus as normal. Cleaned the lens and the body contacts, tried with and without the MC14, and swapped onto my E-M5 MkII. No AF action at all.
    Not impressed for a two year old year old lens in that price bracket. My three year 12-40 Pro is going well by way of comparison as has had a much harder life around saltwater and sand.
    Anyone else had similar issues?

    Anyway no choice but to send off to the Olympus service at the other end of the country and await the prognosis (and the whack to the hip pocket nerve).
  2. Sniksekk

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    Apr 7, 2015
    Stupid questions, but here goes.
    Certain the MF clutch on lens is in AF position?
    Certain em5, is not in MF only mode?
    Tried other lenses on the house? Will they AF?
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  3. ijm5012

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    Oct 2, 2013
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    Yeah, make sure you double check the MF clutch position.
  4. pondball

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    agree with both @Sniksekk@Sniksekk and @ijm5012@ijm5012 ... it is so easy to disable the MF clutch ... been there done that many times as I take my lens in and out of the bag

    its it also possible to have set your L-Fn button to somehow mess up the MF on your 40-150? I've set my L-Fn to focus peaking but it seems to be there now no matter which of my lens I use so I would assume if your 40-150 isn't AFing then your 12-40 wouldn't either...

    If all else fails, before sending it cross-country, can you contact Oly Support to see if there is an easy fix or reset you can do on the lens from your home?

    edit. Just another thought... what version update do you have on your 40-150? if not current, can you try an update first before sending it away. I'd hate to pay for someone else (ie Oly) to do an update for me!
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    @pondball@pondball i'vie done that sat there cussing my camera only to find out it was user error ME we get complacent we think we are smarter, better photographers no way making such a rookie mistake
    Agreeded @wolfie@wolfie hope you checked the AF/MF clutch