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Nov 18, 2013
About five years ago I taught myself the piano at a level where I can read music and play at a low intermediate level. I had bought music and programs like Acid to also create music. About a year ago I bought Samplitude Music Studio (SMS) to use with my Casio PX-5s (not your grandmothers casio) and was just getting into it when a few life events stopped me from playing the piano and using SMS. Then about 4 months ago I got back into playing and using SMS for my midi composer for a long arch, segmented project I've been working on. I have lots of VSTs including a full orchestra (Garraitain) and quite a few WAV sound pools. I recently go the offer to upgrade to Samplitude 4X PRO. The midi scoring functions are truly amazing, especially with a tool like the PX-5s. To get where I want for the scores for the project I am working on, I expect it to take a while but expect to have the first piece ready in a month or so.

The whole point of this post, is if you have the inclination, I've found nothing so reward as creating a piece of music (cinematic or classical or modern) that go with a video you've created. Actually, with SMS and it MIDI composer you don't have to play an instrument only understand a few things about music to compose and then "build" the music using the instrument vst already included in the program. Free sounds pools (can't use them commercially) are also included. I am sure that there are other DAWs that do as well but for the price SMS if you are even remotely interested in creating music for your video is I think a great deal. The full deal Samplitude is fairly expensive, but along with Vegas PRO, Photoshop/LR it is one of my key creative tools.

Somehow my still and video creation has morph for me into singular hobby in which cameras like the G9 and Gh5(and S) are the perfect tools.

Anyone else here setup up a studio that includes sound/music work? Interested in what you use.

My studio:

50" 4K TV for proofing videos
32 4K monitor for stills
Presonous studio monitors and 400 sub woffer
i7700 4200 32 gig RX480 AMD 8gig Gpu SSD's and large fast spinners
Key software: Photoshop/LR, ON1 2019, Samplitude, SoundForge PRO 11, Vegas PRO, Mercalli PRO, Handbreak, and PowerPoint (great titling)

I would never have gotten here without cameras like the Nikon D7000/7100 and Olympus EP5 light the video fire in me, which Panasonic raised to a different level. Curious to how you do videos and acquire the music for them.


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Jun 26, 2019
Kudos -- I applaud your efforts.
I've dabbled with trying to make digital music but always run into one speed-bump or another. Consequently have not developed the diligence to continue.
Sorta like photography, I know just enough about music (basic scales, chord progressions) to be dangerous :)
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