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    We all enjoy our gear, whatever it might be. We love shooting, playing with the new toys, learning from others who have gear we'd like to consider, and some of us come here first to buy new gear through the affiliate links, or to buy/sell in the classifieds. Some days it goes well, some days not. But maybe a month or so has passed since you considered this...

    Amin, thanks for putting this together. Of all the forums I've been associated with through the years, this one is the most level-headed, constructive, and entertaining. I've visited the SC site as well, and it seems as productive and inspiring. I can also trust the classifieds here more than anywhere else, and that means a lot to me and my money. By default of what we do, there are a lot of egos here, and it works really well. Great skills, great opinion, and great gear knowledge. Again, thanks!

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