Mountain Hikes to HuangShan China

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  1. jsusilo

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    Aug 28, 2012
    All are from last year trip to China but I've been busy with many things and the images are just sitting on SD Card until recently! They were taken on hike to Mount Huangshan and I still remember vividly it was morning with lots of fog, not ideal shooting conditions and I had to keep changing primes ... not anymore tho with recent acquisition of O12-40mm :)

    For more info about the location see

    1 10728824505_989b4815d5_c.jpg

    2 10728925094_0287ffac5a_c.jpg

    3 10728924544_4639ee12f3_c.jpg

    4 10728911516_79e66342c7_c.jpg

    5 10729126323_41e2891bd2_c.jpg

    6 10729126023_b8c4baee40_c.jpg

    7 10728910486_86c8ed5539_c.jpg

    8 10728910066_a9a1f503df_c.jpg
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  2. Nice shots! In some ways I think the mist enhances the effect.

    We were at Huangshan last October, and it was raining hard on the way up in the cable car. I thought the trip was going to be a complete washout, but amazingly we had clear blue skies the next day. Unforgettable experience ... especially the thousands of steps! I was exhausted when we got back from our hike.

    I shot this one from the cable car, through the window, in the pouring rain:

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  3. jsusilo

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    Aug 28, 2012
    I had almost the same experience, It was cloudy with light rain down below just prior to buying ticket going up the cable car. Not sure but heck I'm there already I'm not coming back so we went up anyway. As it turned out, we got quite a few sun break in between and yes the hike was tiring. I even saw a tourist had to be carried down in a stretcher but not sure why. Great experience for sure! Here are some more pictures on the same hike.

    9 10735888626_ee71566f35_c.jpg

    10 10735892016_b6c81795dd_c.jpg

    11 10735900554_dfa4842309_c.jpg

    12 10736116813_36cb8120c3_c.jpg

    13 10735903046_51cd0cf0c8_c.jpg

    14 10735905896_db9c282b33_c.jpg

    15 10735888974_5921d6cc03_c.jpg

    16 10735908746_4edb19bd31_c.jpg
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    Nov 25, 2012
    which one is this 'fantastic peak'? Sounds really fantastic, I bet I won't believe my eyes when I see it....
  5. jsusilo

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    Aug 28, 2012
    The hike itself peaks at image #14, I had to play with exposure just to bring back some of the detail back, 90% of shots taken on mountain peak are not usable because of super thick fog. Most of English translation in China is not done quite right so you have to take it with a grain of salt. I do not know Chinese but I presume "Fantastic Peak" is just a Chinese idiom translated to English.