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    Last weekend our local Rotary Club conducted its annual "Motorfest". I went along with my trusty G1 and 45-200 lens (my favourite combination) and took some pictures. The event wasn't quite what I expected, but was a photographers dream come true. Whilst I was there, the event staged was "burnouts" and these are my pictures.


    Burnouts are events staged for drivers to display their skills at "burning out" their rear tyres. Simply put they spin the wheels on a bitumen arena, and judges award points for the effort. It causes much smoke and much broad-siding. It is usual for the best drivers and cars to shread their tyres in a matter of minutes. (Please note: tyres are spelt this way in Australia, unlike the US where they are spelt tires)


    You can see the rear tyres shredded on this car, with the driver playing up to the crowd.


    Up close we can see the tyres warming up before the "burn-out"


    Points are awarded for the most smoke, the best driving skills and for the burning out or destroying of the tyres. All cars used were rear wheel drive. Many are locally built cars, at least 10 - 20 years old. Many have supercharged high performance engines fitted.


    Too many revs and your blow your motor. It is most embarassing to be pushed from the arena.


    Like all motor sport there are popular brands attached. This car was a Ford Cortina. Sold in Australia over 40 years ago, it was popular in motorsport then.


    Big crowds bring out even bigger egos, as this shot shows. OK that was last weekend, I wonder what next weekend will bring along. My wife is going to a "quilt show". Perhaps I'll take my G1 & 45-200mm, at least there won't be so much smoke!
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