Morgan Fire Burn Area

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    In Sept 2013, the Morgan Fire burned 3,100 acres on Mount Diablo, in the San Francisco Bay area. In spite of being on the edge of a metropolitan area, Mt. Diablo State Park can feel very remote, especially once you head into the rugged terrain on the "back side." We took a hike through the burn area and plan to return over the next year to document nature's recovery.



    This shows the remains of manzanita bushes that had been encroaching on the fire road.


    This tree must have been had fire retardant dropped on it, because only half the leaves were charred.


    This tree burned almost completely, leaving only 6 feet of the trunk. The burned roots left tunnels in the ground. Two Weeks after the fire, the roots were still smoking.


    The scorched area reveal a little trash that had been hidden in the brush, a couple of bottle and cans mostly. This broken bike pump was just off the fire road.


    The fire was contained at the top of this ridge and undamaged trees are visible behind the burn area.


    And finally, because I have thing for dead tree images:

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    That "half-charred" shot is most interesting!
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