Moon flyby. Comments please!

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    This image has been difficult for me and I'm going to go insane if I stare at it any longer. Please click the image for a 100% version, as I would very much appreciate at least some pixel-peeping, even though it's a mess at that level. It's not very large.

    This shot was unexpected. I was taking some test shots of the moon when a plane flies past it all of a sudden, lit up by a reflected sunset. It was unfortunately taken as JPEG from a GH2, and I've done a ton of processing. Between the JPEG compression and a very heavy crop down to about 3 MP, I've been struggling to frame it nicely and really make it work even from a technical perspective. I'm not sure if I succeeded and I've been toying with it long enough that I'm losing perspective. I would really appreciate some review.
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    I kinda like it. I have seen the slightly cliched shot of a plane's silhouette against the moon. This one is different and it takes a while to register the plane, in effect making me look closer and holds my attention. Pretty neat if you ask me.