Monofocal or Multifocal lens replacement?

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  1. Vision issues have developed due to a cataract. Right eye, the dominate & shooting eye is scheduled for cataract lens replacement. Have been spending too much time reading everything I could find about the pros & cons of multi. vs. mono focal lens replacements. Could not find any info regarding which lens replacement would be the better choice for photography.

    From what I have read one of the advantages of mono-focal lens is better contrast detection and higher visual acuity. But at the loss of close distance acuity if you opt for distance & maybe intermediate distance vision can the diopter correction of the GF-1 LVF-1 & evf of the G2 deal with the loss of close vision accommodation? Or do you need to where readers?

    Prefer to use an EVF over the lcd screen for composing & focusing the image. For those of you who have had lens replacement which lens option from your perspective has been the "best" relative to visualizing images through an evf?
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    Sep 5, 2010
    I wear trifocals and have no trouble using g1 evf with diopter adjustment.