Moin und Tach auch


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Hi everybody!

After a few visits on this site and reading some nice threads I decided to register in this interesting forum. There are lots and lots of superb contributions from other users already in the forum. Thanks for that!

I hope to be able to also contribute, in particular MF lenses are my business! :smile:



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Welcome Stefan, and hello from Scotland - nice to meet another MF guy!

All the best,



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Stefan, thanks so much for becoming a member. I feel sure you're going to make a new home for yourself in the Adapted Lenses forum.:biggrin:


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Moin Stefan! Ich stelle mich vor: Herman (mit einem N) aus Holland. Ich nehme an das Sie in Deutschland oder dergleichen wohnen, bin ich da richtig bei meine Annahme.
Vielen Dank fuer deine Anmeldung bei diesem Forum.