"Modern" AF speeds

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by ~tc~, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Costco has really increased their camera selection for the holidays. They have a 7D demo with kit lens. The time to change focus from near to far is appallingly slow - my G3 is noticeably faster. Now, I know PDAF has certain advantages with moving targets, but for me, that's a very minor part of my shooting.

    Anyways, this got me thinking ... Has AF speed gotten so fast so as to not matter any more?
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  3. This is why the question of whether a CDAF mirrorless camera can focus "as fast as a DSLR" was always a flawed one. Which DSLR, which lens? In this case it's the 7D being hobbled by the lens. There never was a single measure of performance for DSLR focus speeds.
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    My OMD is noticeably faster in single AF than my Sony A65 with the 16-50 supersonic driven lens. (Though at some level you're really splitting hairs in differentiating the two.) Compared to an entry or mid level DSLR kit without supersonic drive, the Olympus takes a commanding lead. I'm surprised reviewers never seem to mention this. I've never been disappointed by the A65/SSM combo, but other cameras I've tried have been surprising, with the way everyone talks about DSLR AF performance.