Mississippi River, Leap Day 2012

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    Oct 1, 2010
    We woke up this morning to a kind of fairy world due to wet snow sticking on the trees in our back yard. I just bought a GF2 body to play with, so here's one with the Oly 9-18mm at 9.


    Things learned:

    I am glad my LVF-1 is inbound. I don't like using the LCD.

    Capturing the drama of the view may be impossible in 2D. The snow just blends into the sky. In person, the trees are very dramatic and very differentiated from the sky. Maybe this is a job for 3D photography.

    The weight of the snow is breaking branches, which in turn break power lines. We're on our generator now and the power company telehone robot forecasts we'll have power back tomorrow at 4PM. :-(
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