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    Dec 16, 2011
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    William Barnett-Lewis
    Just posting a couple of recent shots from my E-PL1 that I thought were somewhat interesting. Hopefully you'll not be too bored :)

    Twilight, full moon rising, Easter weekend at the In-Laws cabin. ISO 200, kit lens.

    All that remains of what was a cabin near there. Kit lens.

    Out and about #1. Nikkor 24/2.8 Pre-AI.

    Out and about #2. Nikkor 50/1.4 Pre-AI

    Out and about #3. Nikkor-P 105/2.5 Pre-AI

    Backroad. Kit lens, dirty UV filter... :(

    Swamp tree in winter. Nikkor 24/2.8 Pre-AI

    Thoughts after prayer the other day. Kit lens zoomed in. ISO200.

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    Nice, I'm a country boy at heart - these photos just resonate with "home".
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