mirror lens, superzoom or telescope?


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As with everything else, some mirror lenses are better than others, and they all give some level of doughnut-shaped bokeh which may be distracting to some viewers. To avoid that you'd use it for imaging something that stands out from the background, in which case bokeh is not an issue. Do a search on mirror lenses to give yourself an idea of what others have used. Some people rave about the Tamron 500/8 55BB, but there are other good ones out there as well.

Here's a good reference link to mirror lenses: The Mirror lens source


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been looking at forums and all, I was thinking of using this as a small telescope :p

What kind of magnification would it have at 2m (macro-wise)


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I just posted a message with a subject title Sigma 400 mm F5.6 APO. Included is a shot of a skipper, butterfly, which is about 1 inch long. This was hot at the lens closest focusing distance--a tad longer than 2m, if recall. Perhaps this will help.


Brian S

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I picked up a Vivitar Series I 600/8 Solid Cat for a little more than the Opteka and Samyang are going for. Some patience required. The solid cat is about 1/2 the length of a standard Mirror lens. I have not used it on the EP2 yet, but the size is very compact. The lens was made by Perkin Elmer, and is very, very good. Production cost essentially did in the design.