Miners' Rescue


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One of the main Spanish daily newspapers is keeping us up to date on the rescue by having photos of all 33 on the main page. As they are rescued the photo is changed from grey to colour. If you click on a photo you get a brief biography. It really brings home the human aspect of this drama. I hope I can post a full colour page in the near future.



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Thanks Colin for your thread. I just saw a couple of miners on the german tv.
One of them was really young, only 19 years of age.
I do really hope this operation will end successfully.


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Thank you Colin. I've been following this very closely as I am sure many of us have. It will be a great day for celebration when the final man is lifted from that terrible internment.

Reading about this and seeing the photographs and live coverage certainly helps put things in one's own life into perspective.


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Colin and everyone....
I gotta tell ya... I am very proud that this is posted on this forum. I am not surprised at the members posting on this thread. This entire scenario is a benchmark of Human Compassion and Endurance.
I pray for the miners and their families and salute the human beings working around the clock to save their lives.

Please keep this thread active and updated. I will move this thread to the front page until all peril has passed...

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TV news a few minutes ago said 22 men out. A triumph of engineering and human spirit, lets hope they are all safe by midday tomorrow (European time).
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Watching on satelite, BBC world is carrying it live full time, the 26th miner has just left the bottom of the rescue shaft (21.45 GMT), now taking just 8 minutes to lift them from bottom to top.



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Amazing! These guys are definitely going to see the world differently..... See it from a new perspective. See how important life is. They have also shown us the same thing. Thanks for your courage and hope miners, you have taught us, no matter how big the problem to never give up.


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Thanks for your courage and hope miners, you have taught us, no matter how big the problem to never give up.
Very true Brady, going through a rather dark period myself at the moment, I've watched virtually every rescue today and found it most emotional, and hopefully somewhat healing.



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Hooray!!!!! It really is so wonderful that they are all up and out. I can't imagine what it must be like for these men and their families.