midterm jitters

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    E-PM1 with Panny 14/2.5, processed with LR3.6, no NR (I like 'grain' and vignetting!)

    I'm really digging the compact size of the EPM1 with 14/2.5. It's going to go everywhere with me. I'm somewhat disappointed in the lack of effectiveness of the IBIS compared to my EPL1, but the speed and size make up for having to turn IBIS off. It's a very fast and light camera. Both of my lenses have lightning speed focus - in some ways even faster than my DSLRs.

    Anyway, below is the description I wrote for the picture above. It's on my blog (see signature):

    My first midterm for my MS program is tomorrow and I have pre-midterm jitters. I’ve been studying every moment I can. I got my car’s oil changed today and instead of walking around the showroom, I sat and studied.

    I don’t remember studying this hard when I was doing my undergrad at UCLA. We had a “top of the hour” rule, where we could only start studying at the “top of the hour”, so if we missed the top of the hour, we couldn’t study.

    How I wasted that time. I only had a few 10+ hour days at work this week, but with work, family, and school, something has to take a hit.

    Sleep. Not enough of it.

    TV. I haven’t turned it on.

    I feel like I’m on borrowed time by writing this blog entry…but writing this somehow relieves some stress…it’s almost 11:00 PM – I think I can study for a few more hours.

    Anyway, wish me luck. One hour. 60 questions. Calculator required. Scantron.
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