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They have a 4/3 adapter to Topcon.. the I guess you could then use a 4/3 to micro adapter. I have a Topcor 58mm f1.4 that I adapted to Canon EOS so I just use the micro 4/3 to EOS adaptor.. The camera that the lens goes to has the metering messed up and I haven't used it in many years. It's a Topcon RE Super that was my 1st really good 35mm SLR.. The lens is a very nice piece of glass.


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I have a working RE Super I bought in 1967. (How old is this guy?)
I have been through a lot of camera's since then including a few DSLRs from Nikon. No more. Too heavy. Buit I would like to take advantage of my Topcon 50 and 135 glass on my E-P2.

Thanks for the info. I may give it a try.


Rick Osman

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Exakta adapter not right for Topcor R series

Just purchased an Exakta to micro 4/3 adapter but sadly it does not mount properly with my Topcor 58mm f1.8 Autokinon. I can use the lens (phew!) but the adapter will not allow the hook to engage the pin, on that quadrant the adapter will not allow the lens to mount close enough, altho' on the other quadrants the lens will mount okay (sort of).

Does anybody know of a 'true' Topcor micro 4/3 adapter?


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Has anyone found an adapter for the old Topcon/Miranda mount? That was nice glass in its day.
The Miranda and Topcon mounts are not the same.

Topcon's main SLR mount was the same as the Exakta mount except that the Topcon version was rotated approx. 90 degrees counter-clockwise relative to the Exakta version. A properly made Exakta adapter should accept Topcon lenses without a problem other than the "top" of the lens being rotated 90 clockwise.

It should be noted that the Topcon Uni/Unirex/IC-1/Auto-100 series used a completely different mount than the Exakta based mount used by the R/RE/SuperD series