Meike MK320 Flash---Experiences?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by exakta, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. exakta

    exakta Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 2, 2015
    Has anyone here bought the Meike MK320 flash? The size and price are right, but I have read elsewhere about the usual QC issues from some buyers...DOA, early death, bad TTL exposures, etc.

    I've read the (poorly translated) manual and it's unclear how deep the TTL support is. Can it be controlled from the camera like my FL360L? I saw no mention of TTL slave mode but will it act as a master to trigger TTL slaves?

    Anything else you'd care to share about this flash would be appreciated.
  2. Tony Rex

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    Apr 6, 2015
    Melbourne, Australia.
    Tony Rex
    Me. Mine is MK-320P, not the older MK300.:jedi:

    I don't have the FL360L but on the Meike you can only set it to TTL, M, S1 etc on the flash itself. Then you can adjust the flash types (red eye, etc) and exposure compensation from the SCP if it's on TTL mode

    Yes if its only for triggering, but not controlling as in Olympus RC to RC. Again, I don't have any Olympus flashes so I'm not entirely sure.

    It is small enough and we'll balanced on OM-Ds. I tend to reach the Meike for quick snaps. If you use eneloops, you can recharge the batteries by plugging in USB (micro USB) into the flash itself. It's really handy in a pinch, but I prefer on doing it manually.

    The head is rotatable 90° to the right but only 60° to the left. It tilts up for bounce. The free diffuser stays put. There's a little play of the head when the camera bounces around. Very little.

    Press and hold the flash test button for modelling light (strobing preview) I'm not sure why they put this feature for such a small flash but why not, ay?

    Press the power button for the LED focus assist.. Or when you need a flashlight :) 

    Other quirkiness ... On TTL mode, the f-stop is displayed on the flash LCD, but for some reason it won't go lower than f2.5 (iirc) although the lens was wide open at 1.8. I didn't notice anything wrong on the output, so it's really minor.

    Overall, it is really decent for the price. I'm thinking of getting another unit for the macro setup.
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  3. ZLJ2011

    ZLJ2011 Mu-43 Regular

    Nov 18, 2015
    I have one too. I just got it and can't specifically address the specifics of your TTL questions. For the money, I am very pleased with the choice. It has been quite effective for me. For instance, I was at an evening party in a dark apartment last week and was able to shoot at ISO200 f1.7. I probably should have been shooting at a bit higher aperture for more DOF but I think even with that I would have been at a very low ISO with the flash. I did have just a couple of shots where I was overexposed but that was most likely due to my own mistakes/lack of experience with the kit.
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