Mega Pentax shaping up well!

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    Only taken a few test shots since getting the HUGE Pentax 500mm f4.5. It's a real monster so I haven't really taken it out yet and as it produces much better results stopped well down I don't often get the chance to use it on a bright day. I decided I had to get to grips with it so today, out of the bedroom window I took some shots of a Rook's nest in the tree tops around 160 metres away with the added encumbrance of adding on the x1.4 converter. I have to do some more work but this 50% crop seems to give more promise than I had originally found, you can just see the female's head above the nest:


    E-M5 plus Pentax 500mm f4.5 and 1.4x (1400mm EFL) - Manual Focus
    Jpeg ppd in LR