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    Maria was my workout buddy a while back, the strongest woman at the gym. She was a wrestler in high school, and can bench 165. She's an upbeat, ambitious young lady, and was working full time while taking college courses in the evenings.


    People come and go at the gym, and Maria dropped out of sight 18 months ago, and I wondered what had become of her. I found out last week, when she showed up with 3 month old Renelle.


    Accompanying them was Maria's husband, Denzel, a fine young man who has just been accepted into the US Coast Guard.


    I took a few snapshots across the table with my small mirrorless rig (Olympus ep5 and Panasonic 20/1.7) while we enjoyed a coffee and talked about their future plans. Renelle is adorable, but a difficult subject, but I managed to catch her in a rare smile.


    After Denzel completes his basic training, they'll move away to his new assignment, and Maria will find a local college to complete her degree. But for a few months I'll have my workout buddy back. Best wishes to this fine young family.

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    Lovely story Frank - it's great to see people making something good of their lives!
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  3. emirabal

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    Nice story. Great shots.
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