Manual Lens Focus Direction

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  1. I have a number of manual lenses. Some focus in one direction and some focus in the other. It would be really nice if they all focused the same way as it would simplify improving my manual focus skills. If I wanted to try and purchase lenses that all matched in their 'direction-ness'...

    - What is the correct terminology for which way they focus: clockwise/counter-clockwise or left-hand/right-hand, or something else?

    - Is there any consistency between brands, i.e. Nikons focus left-handed, Canons focus right-handed?
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    Within a brand, I have found that it normally is consistent. When I had a Minolta MD system, all of the Minolta lenses for it focused the same direction. With my Nikon DSLRs, all of the Nikkor lenses focused the same direction. Within the first party lenses, there seems to be consistency. Third party can be a different story. I had 2 different Sigma zoom lenses for my Nikon system, and I think that the focus direction on them was not the same.

    Doing a quick search, it appears that Nikon is opposite of most others:

    I suspect some others may also rotate the Nikon direction, but I can't seem to find a list anywhere.