Malaysia - what to bring..?

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Another one of *those* threads...

    So, tomorrow at 6am (I like to plan in advance), I'm flying to Kuala Lumpur to start a two week trip to Malaysia. The official reason for the trip is to visit my girlfriend's family, who are from KL, so the first few days will be in and around the city itself, but after that we've got about a week and a half travelling around the Peninsular. I've had nothing to do with planning and frankly I have no idea where we're going - after my last few overseas epics I'm quite happy leaving the logistics to the other half on this one :smile:

    So, the big question what should I bring?

    I'm taking the EM5 for digital and MX + SMC 50/f1.4 for film (because I want to), a lightweight tripod and probably three digital lenses. This is what I can choose from:

    - Lumix 7-14mm
    - m.ZD 12mm
    - m.ZD 17mm
    - Nokton 25mm
    - m.ZD 45mm
    - m.ZD 75mm
    - m.ZD 45-150mm

    When travelling I tend to shoot mainly street/journalistic and landscape. We have a car for transport so luggage isn't an issue, but my personal photographic ethos leans heavily towards a simpler kit, so I have no intention of taking everything. I have a K-MFT adapter.

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    Practically? 7-14 mostly for landscapes, 17 mostly for street, 40-150 for unexpected telephoto (given you don't know what's planned). You'll probably get roped into taking family portraits while you're there, so adapt the 50 if you're taking it anyway.

    Practicality aside? Do you love primes and will your family be okay with you changing lenses all the time? You could do 12 for landscape/street, 17/25 (whichever you like best) for street and family portrait, and 75 for super sharp telephoto.
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    Jan 11, 2011
    I haven't really shot with zooms for the last three years so yeah, I'm quite fond of primes :) The 'family' for the most part will just be the girlfriend, and she's understanding of the whole photography thing (I don't really change lenses much anyway)
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    Alvin Lai
    Welcome to Malaysia! Wish you have a pleasant stay in Malaysia.

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