Macro extension tube question


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Nov 18, 2011
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Dumb question. Do extension tubes have any downside other than loss of the ability to focus further away?
I have the Sigma 60mm, and rather than buy the $500 Oly 60mm Macro I'd much rather buy a $30 set of extensions.
Not that I'm cheap or anything...:)

Was looking at these:

anyone have experience with them? They are the cheapest of ones that have contacts allowing AF/AE. Only a couple of reviews, but they are good.
There are some sets that are a lot more money, so was wondering if there's a functional difference.


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Jun 2, 2015
Extension tubes reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor because the lens is farther away, but TTL metering takes care of the compensation for you. Before TTL you had to sit down and do math to calculate the exposure.

Macro lenses are designed to have a very flat field of focus. Non-macro lenses are not, so typically the use of a macro lens will give better IQ esp. at the edges.


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Nov 17, 2016
The quality you get with them depends somewhat on how much "spare" quality the lens in question has, similarly to teleconvertors, since you're effectively "blowing up" a smaller portion of the image circle... they can also allow stray light to do things like create a bright haze in center frame, but good flocking/baffling helps minimize this. There can also be issues with loss of electrical contact with some combinations (probably most likely with more tube sections and larger lenses). This thread has some good anecdotal information:
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