M5 Globular Star Cluster with Night Vision & GH3

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    This shows the bright Globular Star Cluster, M5, in the constellation Serpens as seen looking into a night vision monocular (Gen 3 image intensifier) inserted into a Takahashi Mewlon 250 telescope. A Panasonic GH3 camera is coupled afocally to the monocular eyepiece via a Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 lens.

    M5 Globular Star Cluster thru Image Intensifier in Real Time - YouTube
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    I have no idea about any of this, I keep thinking I'm looking at something microscopic in Petri dish ....what's all the flickering sparkly stuff in the vids ? I'm assuming its some kind of noise or is it atmospheric dust particles or something like that ?
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    I would love to see a photo of the setup.

    A LONG time ago I shot a lot of video with a large camera rigged with 4949 NVGs (Gen 6). It was a lot of fun!
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    Night Vision Sparkles

    Yes, the sparkling is electronic noise produced inside the image intensifier. The light from a Gen 3 image intensifier is created by converting light into electrons, then amplifying the electrons by thousands of times, and then converting the electrons back into green light (the electrons strike a glass window coated with a special phospher that glows when struck - like an old fashioned TV tube).

    The net light amplification from a gen 3 image intensifier is approx. 50,000 times!!

    This makes them excellent for looking at dim astronomy targets like globular star clusters and allows one to actually create real-time videos of dim celestial objects in the night sky using a modern, convential digital camera pointed at the phospher screen of the image intensifier.
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    I've heard about these night vision electronic eyepieces. I thought about getting one for my telescope until I saw the price. Very cool and interesting.