M4/3 vs Ricoh GRD - Considering the switch, opinions please

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    Sep 9, 2010

    I currently have a few cameras - I have a 5dmk2 for video and an X100 I use for most of my photos, which I really like. I plan on getting a NEX-7 when it comes out as I feel it can replace the 5dmk2 for most situations.

    I'm a big fan of small and compact cameras for the portability and ability to relax. Since I got the X100 for example, I've used that for all my photos and the 5dmk2 has only come out when needed.

    I use a Ricoh GRD 3 for most of my normal shots - i.e. my pick up, take everywhere in the pocket camera. I take it out on a night out with a Oly FL-20 flash and shoot black and white and I like that I can put it in my jacket pocket and go.

    The price of GF2's has come down lately and are pretty cheap to pick up now and I was thinking of nabbing one.

    I'd use the 14/20 pancakes or the 14-45 lens which seems excellent. I can compliment the X100 and use the pancakes for take anywhere shooting. I could even get the Panasonic FL220 flash for a similar flash to the Oly FL-20 but with TTL and some bounce, or perhaps the Oly FL-14.

    I've been looking at Terry Richardson's blog and have been impressed with a lot of the GF1 pictures he's taken, esp the skin tones, e.g.

    - http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr...598439&Signature=QaGAH5iFFPv9xIp01jQ4qNi5qfM=

    - http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr...598437&Signature=XwQjjoC+En7EW52aq4EdnD6WcvM=

    The skin tone and clarity seem really good to me.

    I'm curious what people think, the GRD image quality seems limited to me and I find myself not taking it places as unless I'm going stylised B+W shots it lacks something. The GF2 seems a good and inexpensive compromise, hence why I'm curious for opinion.

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    Feb 19, 2010
    Could I suggest you also post the same question over on seriouscompacts.com (mu-43's sister site). A lot of folks over there have shot both the GRD and m43.
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    Well, I am one of several here with the GRD as well as mu43. I have the original GRD1 and I love it for BW street work, but do not use it much outside that area. it can make nice colour pics with a very particular character, but sure, not at the level of detail and dynamic range as a mu43, so for that I am usually grabbing my E-P1 or E-PL1. Of course, f you buy the NEX7 then the question will be a different one

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