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Mar 28, 2017
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I really don’t have the patience for macro photography but would like to be able to get some good closeup shots. What lens in the Panasonic/Olympus lineup would you pick for the occasional bug, flower or butterfly. Thanks
The Olympus 60mm macro is absolutely excellent. I've been using this lens for years. It holds up very well in comparison with lenses like the Fuji 80mm macro (which I also owned) or the Sigma 105mm. The lens does 1:1 magnification and also has range limiters to enable you to auto-focus at different distances (having this capability enormously improves the usability of macro lenses, since otherwise there is a risk of autofocus hunting). It has the additional benefit that it works well as a short telephoto and portrait lens. And it is great value for money; like many Olympus lenses, the quality is way beyond what you migh expect from the cost. Use one of these on an image-stabilised body and you have something that you have a chance of doing hand-held bug shots.
Olympus also offers a more recent 30mm macro lens which is cheaper and offers a 1.25x magnification (i.e., more than the 60mm). I got one of these free when I bought my E-M1 II. It's nice enough, but really I'm a bit underwhelmed.


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Jul 15, 2017
Southampton, UK
The 4/3rds Zuiko Digital 12-60mm ƒ/2.8-3.5 is an amazing lens — DPReview said "one of the very best standard zooms currently available" — and focuses down to .25 metre, for a reproduction ration of nearly 1:4. There is some "new, old stock" out there for under $500, but you can find them used for $250-$350 or so.
I have one of these, and I'm always amazed at how you can extend it to 60mm and focus on something practically touching the front element, particularly if you use manual focus. My copy is almost alarmingly sharp too, makes a really handy little impromptu 'almost macro' at times. Focuses wonderfully on my E-M1, but on the only CDAF-only body I own (Panasonic G2) it's almost unusable.

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