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Jul 7, 2011


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May 17, 2011
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After having this lens for a few weeks now, I have grown from liking to loving this lens. I subjectively arrived at this conclusion on my own, but have recently found the objective data that explains why I've had such a positive experience.

Portrait photography is one of my favorite styles of shooting. The generally accepted "ideal" range for portrait photography is the effective focal length of 85mm-135mm. The kit 14-42mm's top end is effectively 84mm - which was good enough for me at the time. However, according to SLRGear.com's analysis of this lens, the sweet spot for the 14-42mm is 14-25mm @ f4 to f5.6. Anything longer starts to suffer degraded IQ. It is no wonder that I have not been entirely pleased with my results using that lens.

The 40-150mm's sweet spot is 40-70mm @ f4.6 to f5.6. That puts the effective focal length for this sweet spot at 80-140mm. That's nestled just perfectly in the ideal portrait focal range of 85mm-135mm!

No wonder my portraits have been so beautiful with this lens! Not only do I have the entire "ideal" range, but I get almost a whole stop of additional exposure at 40mm plus I'm working within the "sweet spot" for this lens! This can't be pure coincidence. Olympus must have formulated this lens specifically for portraiture. Performance over 70mm starts to drop off rapidly after 70mm. I don't really venture into the 80-150mm range, but it's nice to have when I need it.

So with the kit lens and the 40-150, I am sharpest from (effective) 28mm - 50mm & 80mm - 140mm. I couldn't be happier. If you are a portrait photographer, then I couldn't recommend this lens more - especially at $150!


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Jan 30, 2010

Thanks for the review and link. I had not see that one yet.

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