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    Yesterday afternoon I went to Colunga with one of my best friends. Colunga is a small town about 80km east along the coast and the trip was to order a bagpipe for his son as a Christmas present. The ‘luthier’ was much younger than I expected and was very outgoing and instructive, although I was completely lost when they started to talk about the finer musical points. Amazingly, he admitted that he couldn’t actually play a bagpipe although he could tune them and seemed to know everything about the differences between a Scottish, Galician and French version.
    This is his shop and workshop. We had to step over the dog to get in as he didn't seem inclined to move.


    They looked at different woods


    and coverings


    Tomás admired a bagpipe made of ebony


    The luthier displayed drums and a tambourine made by a friend


    This is his work area at the back



    All in all a very interesting visit
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