Lumix 35-100 f/2.8 - lost aperture control, iris stuck at f/22

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by owczi, May 7, 2013.

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    I have some sad news to share, hopefully this is an isolated case.

    After four days of non stop shooting at a street theatre festival (acrobats etc, lots of burst sequences, about 24 hours of camera usage in total, about 3000 actuations), towards the end of day four, I noticed something strange - suddenly my OM-D started behaving like someone had placed a big stopper over it. Lighting conditions were near perfect - cloudy but bright, fantastic colour saturation and contrast. I didn't know what was happening - for some reason in my stupidity I started blaming the body, because things went back to normal after restarting the camera. But they went back to normal for a moment only. I shot what I could at stupidly high ISOs - I did not have my backup E-P2 body with me but I did have the Oly 14-150 which would have done it just fine... It was only when I got home and changed the lens that I noticed it was not the body. The lens is permanently stopped down and now when I power the camera on it makes a cracking noise as the iris tries to open up.

    Really disappointing because I missed some of the best performances. Worst thing is that in shutter priority the camera was not aware of the iris not working, so it would measure against f/22 but think it was really f/whatever, and try to set f/another, resulting in the exposures being completely off. I should be able to recover some pictures from raw but a real waste in the end. We all learn from our mistakes I guess, or others' mistakes :) If I were a pilot, my plane would have crashed.

    I bought the lens only in March. The lens spec means it should theoretically be an absolute workhorse for event photography. This situation however makes me think it's not made for long, constant work. Had this been a paid assignment and if I didn't have other kit, I'd be dead in the water. OTOH if it had been a paid assignment I would probably have had a second body and a second lens ready to use.

    This is the first time I used this lens for anything serious, previously I shot maybe 200 photos with it.

    Has anybody got any experiences with Panasonic UK warranty / repairs?
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    I think that - like all mass manufactured products - you occasionally get a lemon. You just got unlucky. Send it off for repair/replacement, and enjoy it when you get it back.
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    I'd like to think that, - I do understand it, and I work with much more serious equipment in my day job that does break and causes serious losses when it does, but that's not my equipment. When something like this happens, you can't help your trust in your kit dropping. Oh well, could have been the seat belts or airbag in my car!
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    Final update:

    Lumix kit is serviced by only one centre in the UK, DKAVS. No need to contact Panasonic, you just fill in an online form, send them the item in with a proof of purchase and wait. They give you a real-time repair status tracker on their website and regularly update you via e-mail. I received a new lens in less than a week. Really good service.
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    That's pretty fast service - good luck with the new lens.
    BTW, nice shot at the street festival.
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    Amazingly fast service - esp since you live in the wastes of NI :wink:
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    Wastelands or not, next day delivery from Amazon and others works here just fine, so aye, not bad at all mate :)
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    Ah, so my post of May 20th has modulated itself over the Irish Sea and back again in a little over 3 months. Excellent.:wink:

    PS I love Belfast, so take this only as some friendly leg-pulling, not some xenophobic rant!
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    Mate I'm an immigrant, I'm only here for the women and the jobs!
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    I see you've picked up the British sense of irony really well!
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    I have no quibbles with panasonic service, I had moisure ingress in my GX1 and the rear screeen misted up and DVAS replaced the screen under warranty