Love Story SlideShow with short E-PL1 video clips

Robert Watcher

Mu-43 All-Pro
Here is the Animoto Video containing the final selection of 50 story telling images (taken with Olympus E-3) from a recent Love Story Session in Wine Country Ontario Canada. It also includes several very short video clips that I quickly grabbed with my miniscule Olympus E-PL1.

I didn't want the session to be a video production and also realize that to shoot video seriously, one person can't do both stills and video and keep a nice flow to the shoot. They are 2 different processes that to me, interfere with each other.

However by grabbing a few short sequences at the beginning of some of the different scene changes, I was able to capture an essence with the video and not disrupt my really job of capturing story telling images. This interaction of stills and video for one of these shoots, is a first for me and after seeing the results will likely incorporate more and refine as I go along:

[ame=""]YouTube - A Love Story[/ame]

As for editing my Love Story slideshows, I have been using ProShow Producer for the past couple of years. It allows full control over the production (for those times when I don't mind spending a lot of time) . . .

. . . but for this Love Story and a couple other recent ones, I am using Animoto online editing. It can be far more dynamic I find and so I don't mind it - - - but sometimes can be over the top and maybe even repetitive. So I am going back and forth depending on the mood of the shoot.



Mu-43 Rookie
Wow, that was great! I really like the little video clips throughout the piece. There are only so many photos you can watch, even with the creative transitions, so the video held my interest a little more.


Mu-43 Regular
Robert, you produced a very nice show. Really like the way you blended video and stills plus you really captured the feelings of your clients.