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[FS] Lots of 4/3, m4/3, and MF lenses & gear | Location: USA | Ships: USA

Discussion in 'Expired Listings' started by BadCat, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. BadCat

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    Dec 31, 2012
    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to Sell
    Selling</br> Lots of 4/3, m4/3, and MF lenses & gear
    </br>Prices</br> Vivitar Series 1 120-600mm f/5.6-8. $225 OBO.

    Carl Zeiss Jenna Triotar 13.5cm. $75 OBO.

    Sigma 30mm f1.4. $250 OBO. Sold!

    Olympus HLD-4 Battery Grip. $75 OBO.

    Olympus E-3 with Battery Grip, interval timer, 4 batteries. $375 OBO.

    Olympus E-3 with 4 batteries. $275 OBO.

    Hauge Steadicam MMC. $70 OBO.

    Panasonic GH1 Body with extra battery. $250 OBO. Sold!

    Olympus 9-18 f/4-5.6 (4/3). $375 OBO. SOLD!

    Nikon 300mm f2.8 AI-S ED. $900 OBO.
    </br>Location</br> USA
    </br>Ships to</br> USA
    </br>Description</br> Aloha!

    I've come to the realization I've got way too much infrequently used photo gear taking up space. I wouldn't mind divesting some of it to free up space and have some extra cash on hand for traveling. All equipment is in fine working order, and I'll honestly notate any cosmetic issues (all ratings on B&H used scale).

    Would be open to interesting trades + or - cash in either direction: namely carbon fiber tripod that's around 6ft tall (preferably without center column extended), quality ball head with arca swiss mount, select 4/3 or m4/3 lenses (macro, 7-14, 90-250 f2.8, etc.), advanced point and shoot like XZ-1, Lumix LX, etc. Please feel free to message me telling me what you've got. =)

    Most prices are OBO, and I'd willing to take credit cards or paypal or good old fashioned cash if you happen to be in Hawaii. Shipping will be USPS priority insured to purchase price. I'll quote you shipping based on the item(s) you'd like.

    Finally, I apologize for posting some items without photos. It's 1:30am and I'm heading for bed. As I said, gear is in fine working order. If you'd like additional photos of anything please let me know and I'd be happy to post them time permitting.

    Thanks for looking, have a good one! Ok, here we go (in no particular order)!

    Vivitar Series 1 120-600mm f/5.6-8. PK mount with PK to 4/3 adaptor. 9+/10. $225
    Sure it's slow, but it's 120-600mm! With the 2x crop factor on 4/3 or m4/3 it's a 240-1200mm f5.6-8! I purchased this brand new in box about two years ago. Used it a couple times (mostly for surf shots and vids from the beach on a gimbal head). Includes box, leather carrying case, and PK to 4/3 adaptor.

    Carl Zeiss Jenna Triotar 13.5cm f/4 (Red T Version). Exakta mount with m4/3 adaptor. 8+/10. $75
    Another funky old lens. I believe this copy was made around 1950 in East Germany. Focus and aperture are both smooth and well dampened with no sticking. Aperture is stepless. Beautiful condition given it's age, though as to be expected with a ~60 year old lens there's some dust and probably some fungus. It's a fun lens to play with but I just never find myself reaching for it as the FL is too narrow for my taste. Includes leather case (lid has detached from body of case) and Exakta to m4/3 adaptor.

    Sold! Sigma 30mm f/1.4 HSM. 4/3 mount. With Hoya HMC UV Haze. 9/10. $250.
    Finally, something with AF! This is an awesome lens. Sure it's a bit on the heavy side, but I've always found it very comfortable. It fits my hand perfectly when attached to an E-3, GH1, or OMD. Sigma HSM isn't as fast as Olympus SWD, but it's quiet, very positive, and generally doesn't hunt for focus. Lens renders colors and bokeh beautifully. Includes case and Hoya HMC UV Haze filter.


    Olympus HLD-4 Battery Grip for E-3, E-30, or E-5. Unused, in Box. $75.
    Genuine Oly HLD-4 battery grip. This is my second one and I've never gotten around to using it. Unused, in box.

    Olympus E-3 with HLD-4 Battery Grip, interval timer, 4 batteries, 8.5/10. $375.
    The E-3 is an awesome camera. Fast focusing with Oly SWD lenses. Super rugged magnesium alloy body with heavy duty weather sealing. 5fps. Comes with a battery grip, 4 batteries, & interval timer. Missing remote control port cover. 56K shutter clicks.

    Olympus E-3, 4 batteries, 7.5/10. $275
    This is my second E-3 camera body. Excellent condition except minor separation of rear LCD housing. This was a pretty common issue with the E-3. Camera is perfectly functional, separation is a very minor issue. Missing PC port cover, remote port cover, & eye cup. 36K shutter clicks.

    Hauge Steadicam MMC. Unused, in Box. $70.
    Another purchase I never got around to using. Great alternative to glidecam if you're flying a small camera like a P&S, m4/3, or NEX. Does require some practice but well worth it if you really want to shoot smooth motion video segments.

    Sold! Panasonic GH1 Body. With all original accessories and extra genuine Panasonic battery. 8/10. $250.
    This is the original video DSLR although it's technically not a DSLR. This body is hackable ala Vitaly's GH1.3 though I never did it as I was already pleased with the video quality out of the box. Body is in excellent working condition, though cosmetically the finish shows a little peeling in a couple spots (this is very minor, and apparently a common problem with the GH1).

    Sold! Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6. Includes caps, hood, Hoya HMC UV/Haze filter. 9/10. $375.
    Great compact UWA lens. Nice and sharp throughout the frame. Please note this is the additional 4/3 version, not the micro 4/3 version, though it can be use on a m4/3 camera body with an adaptor.

    Finally, if you read this far here's a treat.
    Nikon 300mm f/2.8 AI-S ED. With caps, leather case & Nikon to 4/3 adaptor. 8/10. $900
    I'm not actually sure I'm willing to sell this, so I guess I'm just testing the water. This is awesome glass. It's actually a little smaller and lighter than I expected. Who doesn't want a 300mm prime at f2.8?! I don't use it often, but am ALWAYS impressed when I do. Planned to shoot the last Merrie Monarch with it but couldn't get access this year. This is a pro lens intended for pro use. In other words it don't look new, but still performs beautifully. BTW, apparently the gold band on these old 300mm 2.8s are actually solid gold, not just a foil...

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this!
    </br>Payment accepted</br>
    • Regular PayPal (buyer adds 3% for this option)
    Shipping method</br> USPS Priority with insurance
    </br>Shipping charge</br> Cost
    </br>Handling time</br> 2 days
    </br>References</br> Ebay: BadKitty.808
    </br>Additional comments</br>
    • Open to trade offers
    • Open to reasonable offers below asking price
    • I have read and agree to the Buy and Sell rules.

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  2. BadCat

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    Dec 31, 2012
    Olympus 9-18 Sold! Thank you boostin. Will ship tomorrow.
  3. BadCat

    BadCat New to Mu-43

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    Dec 31, 2012
    Panasonic GH1 body sold on CL...
  4. BadCat

    BadCat New to Mu-43

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    Dec 31, 2012
    Bump! All prices reduced. Willing to consider offers. Thanks!
  5. BadCat

    BadCat New to Mu-43

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    Dec 31, 2012
    Sigma 30mm f/1.4 Sold!