Loose lens hood on Panisonic 12-35

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by rstrader, May 20, 2014.

  1. rstrader

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    My favorite zoom has acquired a problem, the supplied lens hood is falling off loose. I purchased a couple of different cheap lens hoods and really didn't like either one. One did however work, OK. The other vignetted. I thought I had lost the original lens hood, so I found a supplier and ordered a new one. Alas this one was as loose as the first. So, obviously something has changed on the lens, but what? The bayonet looks just fine and there's no scrapes, scratches or whatevers. Has anyone else encountered this problem and were you able to fix it?

    Thank you in advance for any advice.
  2. pdk42

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    Jan 11, 2013
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    Mine still doesn't fall off, but it's not exactly the tightest fitting hood I've got. Why don't you try a screw-in hood?
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    I have the lens but don't have a problem with it. I am posting because I had another lens with a similar problem.

    My solution was to put a dot of epoxy (I used JB weld which is black and blended into my black lens) on the bayonet mounting track. This added some friction to the mounting of the hood and helped hold it firmly in place. Basically, my hood was loose so I put a little filler in under it. I am talking about a dot of epoxy less than 1mm high. You could also put the "filler" right on the hood in a spot that touches the lens. The filler (epoxy) could be removed at a later date if needed.

    This worked well for me. YMMV.
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  4. rstrader

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    Thank you, I was thinking along those lines. I'll get my courage up and start slopping the epoxy on my lens.
  5. biomed

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    Apply it to the hood!!!