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  1. mcrosa

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    Jun 26, 2013
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    Mike Crosa
    I have an E-3 as well as the EPL-1. One of the reason I like the E-3 is the large viewfinder. I can see everything pretty clear. I am considering purchasing an OM-D but cannot find one to look at. Can anyone tell me how the views compare as far as the info and the view?

    I hope I have made myself clear.


    Mike C
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    It's pretty much the same view size. The 1.44 million dot EVFs like the VF-2 and E-M5 use 1.15x magnification like the E-3, while the 920k dot EVF like the VF-3 uses a 1.0x magnification like the E-30. Of course the quality is different though, as you're going from optical to electronic. The electronic is brighter which is better in some situations, but it's worse in others. It does also give other advantages like better view of information and viewing aids like magnification (just like on the rear LCD screen). For adapting manual lenses, the EVF is king. You can finally see even while stopped down. In low-light the EVF can maintain a brighter image but it gets noisy, losing quality and detail.
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    Methinks you should take extra pains to try the OM-D EVF or a VF-2 (same display) and see if the tradeoffs are worth it for you. For an EVF it is better than average but is not for everyone. I pretty much grin 'n bare it. It gets the job done but I greatly prefer a reflex optical or bright line finder over EVF. In fairly even light the EVF is excellent and certainly as good as a decent optical display. In bright contasty light--sunny day--it suffers from a compressed appearance and badly blocked up shadows, shadows you can normally see perfectly through an optical finder. In dim light it's a lot brighter and easier to compose with than an optical finder if you can stomach the gritty texture and color noise. Panning isn't nearly as clear as an optical finder and can look really smeared in dimmer light.

    I just got an VF-4, a 2.36MP EVF and, besides the higher resolution, panning refresh has improved vastly. Hardly any smearing or jerking even in low light. And the apparent size of the image is huge, very close to a FF SLR. The gotcha is the dynamic range is still very compressed in bright light and the shadows are just as blocked up. Of course the OM-D doesn't have that EVF. Probably should buy the E-P5 if you want the VF-4.
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    I swore that I'd never use an EVF over an optical finder. Now I've got an OMD and actually I've come to appreciate the EVF. Pros include the ability to:

    - see a live histogram or shadow/highlight shading - great for judging exposure compensation;

    - magnify the focus spot for manual focussing;

    - preview the last shot without the need to look at the back of the camera (no more chimping!).

    Of course, there are downsides:

    - poor dynamic range - daylight shadows in particular just look black;

    - some delay when panning.

    Personally, I can live with these. For me the viewfinder is all about framing and getting the exposure right. I can live with the poor DR and since I don't really do sports, the panning delay is not a concern.
  5. mcrosa

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    Jun 26, 2013
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    Mike Crosa
    Thanks for all the replies you have solidified my want to get the OM-D now to prepare my cameras and lens' for sale to get the money to complete the purchase.

    Thanks all,