Longtime photography enthusiast, new to m43

Discussion in 'Welcomes and introductions' started by North20, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Oct 18, 2012
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    Greetings all :smile:

    As the title says, I've been photographing for some time. Began in high school as a way to show my parents why I just had to be "out there" ... Be it in the mountains, desert, along rivers, or the ocean. Three decades and change later I've put a lot slide film through various cameras, and over the last 3 years or so have had the opportunity to borrow or own a number of digital cameras to see what all the fuss was about.

    The switch to digital has been a somewhat fussy one for me; odd ergonomics, pictures that just didn't look at all as I had envisioned them, dirty sensors, etc. Of course there have been positives: not having to carry and change rolls of film; the immediate gratification the lcd screen affords. However, the biggest trial has been post processing. As a former slide photographer, I relied on the film to handle the bulk of the 'processing' duties; I handled (or tried to :tongue: ) the composition, light, and exposure.

    After a time of futzing around with various cameras and means of making their files look decent on my computer monitor, I came around to thinking that I wanted to keep things simple, using a camera with adequate - to me! - manual controls and some sort of built-in viewfinder. But also with more modern attributes like an articulated screen and either a body or a couple of lenses with image stabilization. I thought it would also be cool if I could easily use some of the old glass I had laying around or stumble upon. I also decided to get a bit more serious on the pp side and purchased Lightroom.

    Within a week of that Lightroom purchase I came upon a Panasonic G2 with kit lens, battery & charger, and what turned out to be a fried SD card at a multifamily yard sale. For a grand total of $85. Camera looked new, so I went home and grabbed one of my SD cards and found the camera to work just fine. Paid my money, and now here I am a couple of months later.

    A slowly worsening physical ailment doesn't let me get out and do the things I used to enjoy so much, but every so often I get the chance to shoot a few images, and the Lightroom process is even beginning to be fun! I hope to be able to share a few pictures now and then, and of course to peruse everyone else's work!

    TL, DR - Hi there! :wink:
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    Jan 24, 2012
    Hello and welcome - that's some bargain you got there on the G2! :smile:

    I am also just venturing into the world of pp with Lightroom and I think I am converted (after shooting jpegs for years). But there is quite a lot to learn and some of my efforts are better than others - even managed to make one photo look worse after pp than before, but getting there slowly.
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    Welcome aboard Pat. That is an awesome deal on that G2 there! After shooting for two years I still don't feel the need to upgrade my G2 body. Lens lust is a different story. lol. Buy an adapter for your old lenses and have fun.
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    Welcome to the forum! :smile:
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    Oct 18, 2012
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    Thanks for the welcome - much appreciated.

    Yeah, when I saw the G2 and the $85 tag I knew that I could be getting a very sweet deal if it worked at all. And as far as I can tell from what I've shot so far, and reading the manual, the only thing that was bad was the SD card.

    I feel a bit guilty about the price ... Not so guilty that it stopped me from buying a few lens adapters and a remote release, however :redface:

    So far the only disappointment has been the results with an old, but pristine, Canon FD zoom. Fantastic lens on film; the digital results have been mixed at best. Otherwise, any less than stellar results are not the result of the camera or lenses.

    Thanks again!