Featured Lofoten and vesterolen: Light and nature

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  1. For a short hollday break after the first session of university exams, we (two parents with their 19 year old twin daughters) decided to return for the second time to Norway. Fisrt time, we visited Tromso and environs. This time we chose the Lofoten and Vesterolen archipelagos, mainly based on the always positive internet reactions.

    Based on different B&B’s (respectively in the Lofoten and Vesterolen) and the last night in an hotel in Harstad, we went sight seeing in a rental car.

    Important remark: roads are in very good condition, nearly snow and ice-free, rental car equipped with snow tires with spikes.

    The Lofoten islands have lots of hamlets situated in fjords and dominated by small mountains. Everywhere You encounter the fishing industry.



    These red cabins are called rorbuer, You find them in every town and hamlet. The triangular construction in back is where the cod is hung to dry.


    From January to about April cod is caught in industrial amounts. Some of this catch is dried in open air to make it into “stockfish”, a local delicacy. Even the heads are dried for export to Nigeria to be used in the local fish soup. The smell of this drying fish and or fish heads stays inYour clothing for several hours!




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  2. In Svolvaer (Lofoten) we joined a boat excursion to the Trollfjord in order to see the local large colony of sea eagles; saw dozens of them. Also visited the Viking museum but that was nota success (perhaps better in the summer when You can row in a replica of a Viking ship).

    P1100335. P2070512. P2070695. P2071017. P2071047.
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  3. Small towns in the Lofoten:Reine and Nussfjord.

    P1100211. P1100213. P2060415. P2060420.
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  4. In Andoy (Vesterolen) we went whale watching; encountered 4 sperm whales. There is also an interesting space museum (Andoya is the only European launching site).


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  5. Other animals we encountered:moose on the hoof, semi-wild reindeer, wild grouse, gulls, sea lions.




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  6. Last but not least: the light in these islands!












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  7. Hypilein

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    Mar 18, 2015
    The Lofoten Islands have been near the top of my list of destinations to visit in the coming years. This just reinforces this. I've always considered this a summer destination, but it looks like it may be good nearly all year round.
  8. I definitely will revisit these islands in the summer, in order to taste the difference from this winter visit.
  9. Hendrik

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    Feb 27, 2015
    Wayland MA
    Wow! It looks as if it was a fantastically beautiful experience even if on the dark and overcast side.

    Oh well, the must-do list just got longer. Many thanks.
  10. Alberta Dave

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    Mar 3, 2014
    Central Alberta, Canada
    My partner is of Norwegian origin so we have a number of relatives that will make us most welcome. At some point in the next few years we will most likely go and visit. We both want to go and drive the Atlantic Ocean Road, it looks very spectacular, even more so when it is stormy.
    Very nice collection of pictures and they make me want to visit even more.
    Thanks for sharing.
  11. Beautiful shots, it looks very interesting there.
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