Live View firmware upgrade for G9 and other Panasonic cameras?


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Oct 17, 2018
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If I saw it correctly, a live view function similar to the one Olympus cameras have, was anounced for the new G90/95.

Does anybody know whether there will be an upgrade/update for other panasonic bodies as well? E.g. G9, GX9, etc.? I am currently super happy with my G9 and it is capable beyond the level I will probably ever reach, but the one function it is missing and let's me side-eye those beautiful Olympus cameras, is the live view (live composite) function.

If any Panasonic rep is reading this... pleeease add it (Handheld HR shots only if you guys are bored or something like that :p)! :D


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May 28, 2012
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Both Olympus and Panasonic are already live view cameras in that the only viewfinder function is "live" electronic. There is no "optical" viewfinder option. Same is likely true for most other mirrorless brands. However if what you're looking for is a good exposure preview before snapping the shutter, look for CONSTANT PREVIEW in the menus and set that option to ON. This will function ONLY in manual exposure modes. For stills the mode selector dial would be set to "M" and for video it would be set to the motion picture camera icon, then find EXPOSURE MODE in the menus and select "M" from "PASM", or even easier touch the red movie camera icon on upper left corner of the LCD and from the 4 choices offered touch the "M" and you're in manual exposure for video until you change that.

With this CONSTANT PREVIEW set to ON when you reduce exposure with shutter, aperture, or ISO the EVF or LCD image darkens. Go the other way and it brightens. But this works in manual exposure modes only. In any of the auto modes, no.


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May 29, 2015
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I'd also like the sequence mode of the gx9 added. Sure, it's just jpeg fun, but why not?
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