Lightroom Upgrade - US $99 - UK £90, ($150)


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Just about to upgrade LR 1.4 to 2.6

The usual "rip off" in the UK - we are paying 50%..........than you lot "over the pond"

does anyone know of any reliable site where the upgrade can be downloaded for the US price?

(It gives you the impression on the Adobe link site that this can be done - but it is not possible - once they find out u r in the UK - the UK price flashes up)

Call me "stingy" but I don't see why I should pay the UK price if at all possible

Brian Mosley

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LR... Light Ripoff? :rofl:

I feel your pain Bill, every time I buy Adobe software... I feel a little violated :dash2:




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Bill, ya got any students around......?
I can't post anything as a Mod...but if's ya got a student in the family....


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Maybe you should wait. The Beta version 3.0 is going to be launched soon.
Then you would get the upgrade to that and not pay 2xs.
Check on the site, I think you may be able to skip 1 upgrade and they don't axe you...
Meanwhile, download the free Beta works great....and it's free...


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How about eBay?


What about getting an upgrade package off eBay? I see many listed for around $95 - not sure which you need.