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  1. I download one SD card today and all the images came in fine. I tried a second card and only half the images showed up, the others were grey boxes that showed the file name and whatever else it is suppose to show when I drag the cursor over it in the grid view. All images are RAW, ORF's.

    I can see all of the second card's photos when I use Olympus Viewer.

    I uninstalled LR, and turned off my PC. My PC with Widows 10 has done several major updates in the last week and as a result has had the plug pulled numerous times. I started the POS back up and fought with the Major Pain in My Ass Creative Cloud. I finally got ACC working and I reinstalled LR. Now I have many more photos that are showing up as grey boxes with file names.

    How do I fix LR? Besides using my largest hammer of course.
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    Re the first problem with the card: that sounds to me like the second card held some files which had already been imported (the ones in grey boxes) and some that had not (the other ones). Lightroom checks the file numbers for the files on the card against the file numbers in its catalogue and shows the files that have already been imported in grey boxes and unticked. I see that frequently when I've forgetten to erase files from the card or reformat it after importing them.

    I've also seen files in grey boxes when I had my camera set to one of the file numbering options and it re-used the same file numbers if I deleted files from a card after import and then took some more shots on the same day using that card. When I tried to import the second set of images I ran into the grey box problem because there were already files with those file numbers in my catalogue.

    You would see all of the photos on the card with Olympus Viewer because it doesn't reference your Lightroom catalogue when you open a card in OV. I don't think it uses a catalogue system like Lightroom, I think it stores editing data for each image file in a sidecar file and you have to do your own file management. If you open an SD card in OV, it will show you all of the files on the card quiet happily because it can't tell whether or not it has already done anything with those files because it keeps its data in the folder you store your files in on your computer, not on the SD card.

    So to your problem after the reinstall. The grey boxes usually indicate you're trying to import a file already present in the catalogue so did you delete the catalogue file when you uninstalled Lightroom? If so, have you been importing files into a new catalogue and importing from a couple of different locations? Have you been doing a series of separate import processes. If so, does one or more of those locations hold backup or duplicate copies of some original files that were imported in an earlier import? If you've been keeping copies in a separate location and haven't deleted files from that location when you've deleted them from the normal image file location, what you're describing is what I'd expect to see if you did the first import from the normal image file location and then did another import from the duplicate file location. Any file you'd kept in the normal file location and already imported would show up in a grey box, only files in the separate location which hadn't been deleted when the file was deleted from the normal location would not be in grey boxes so you'd be seeing a hell of a lot of grey boxes.

    If you're importing files again after the reinstall and you're importing from 2 or more locations check and the grey boxes started showing up on the second or later import processes, check whether the files in grey boxes are already recorded in your catalogue. If they are, then you're trying to import a second copy of the same image file and there's no need to do that. Just import the files that aren't in grey boxes.

    And if that isn't the problem, then I think I have to say "more information please". What are you doing when the grey boxes show up, did you delete the Lightroom catalogue when you uninstalled Lightroom, and anything else that you can think of which affects what you're doing and how and where you store your image files and the Lightroom catalogue file. I'll make no guarantees that I can help because I think I may be pushing the limits of my knowledge in what I've said above but I do have a couple of books on Lightroom and I'm willing to search them for ideas about what's going on if you give me some more info.
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    Roll back to Win7?:026:
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  4. This morning all my catalog was visible, except for yesterdays imports. I deleted those photos and tried to re import from a separate back up file on my computer. The first of 75 photos came in but all the others were solid grey boxes (not semi opaque like when the photo has already been imported. So I deleted all but the good image from LR. I imported all the files in Oly Viewer, then moved them to the LR file where they should be (2016-10-08). I then opened LR and told it to synchronize the folder. All the photos came in OK. I still haven't tried to develop them yet, but I'm, further along than I was yesterday.
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    Glad to hear you're getting there. I am reminded of the old comment that humans make mistakes, it takes a computer (whether that be the hardware or the software) to stuff things up completely. Recovering from a stuff up can be a slow and frustrating process and it always seems to leave me suffering from mild, specifically focussed, paranoia for quite a while afterwards.
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  6. I just downloaded 2 cards with no issues, so I am uncertain what the original problem was. I'm doing lots of backups just in case.