Lightroom on two Computers (Mac And Windows)

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by PantelisMor, Sep 26, 2016.

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    This moment I hane two computers. One laptop with Mac and another one tower with Win.. I use LR in Win with success. I need to install it on Mac. My problem is with the photo database. I want to have one common Database. I want when I change, delete or add a photo in database on Mac, then these changes to be done on Win. How can I do ? Is there any trick or software for this ??

    Thx a lot.
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    Huge problem. LR won't allow the database to be on a shared drive, like a NAS box. Here is a messy and unsatisfying workaround:

    Using DropBox or some other "cloud" type service, synchronize the LR databases on the two computers. Then, when you make a change on one computer, the other computer will be updated. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The issue is that the update is not instantaneous, so the two computers cannot be in LR at the same time and you must be very careful before opening LR to make sure that all of the synchronization is up to date.

    For example, both my wife and I use LR via Synology Cloud Station, with the database residing on our local NAS RAID box. When she has been using LR (different room than my home office) I have to watch and make sure the copy on my machine has been updated before I open LR. And the reverse. We also have to check with each other before opening LR, to make sure that the other person does not already have it open.

    When Adobe finally tries to force me into a LR subscription, my plan is to go to Exposure X2. That application uses sidecar files instead of a single database, so two people can easily work simultaneously as long as they are not working on the same image. Exposure X2 loses some of the nice LR features like collections, however, and has much more limited tagging IIRC. I am hoping that a future version will fix this prior to my being forced off of LR by Adobe.

    (Since our "cloud" database is local we do not rely on an internet connection for synchronization. One aspect of this is speed. If the synch had to happen at DSL speeds rather than Ethernet speeds, it might be really slow. I think some of the cloud services, IIRC DropBox, have a feature where they synchronize directly from computer to computer over the local network in addition to synching to the mother ship. If you cannot set up a local shared database you should investigate this carefully.)

    Edit: We use PCs. As far as Mac and PCs using the same database I don't have a clue. Something else for you to investigate.

    Edit #2: Just to be clear on the synchronization, when I power up my LR editing computer after my wife has worked in LR, it can take ten minutes or more for all the files to be synchronized. In addition to the database there appear to be a lot of preview files the LR messes with.
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    I haven't dealt with sync'd Catalog in Lr, but have used exported Catalogs to move images and Lr data (metadata & edits) from one machine to another. Doing this between macOS and Windows, I've found there there are some pathnaming issues (file and folder) that Lr can't properly deal with. One thing that fails are macOS filenames and/or folder names with leading spaces. Windows handles the imported files OK at the file level, but Lr can't deal with them.
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    Hope Adobe improves this soon. As the family grows and gets more into photography, including cell phone pics, it SPI;d be nice if they each could upload and have access to the family image catalog from multiple computers....because I don't want them all using mine!